Hand-framed knitwear designed and made in Orkney

These are some of the benefits of wool:

Wool is Biodegradable

As a natural fibre, it breaks down quickly unlike synthetic fibres.

Wool is Breathable

Wool reacts to changes in body temperature, keeping you comfortable.

Wool is Durable

Wool is resistant to odour and stains, meaning garments require less washing. It is also
naturally elastic and retains its shape well.

All of my knitwear is produced from natural yarns. My Celtic Knot and Pictish Key product ranges are knitted in supersoft 100% pure new wool, which delivers a traditional look and is luxuriously soft.

All of my other product ranges are knitted in a lambswool cotton blend, which is exceptionally soft and ideal for garments such as hats, headbands and scarfs.

A selection of my designs